Ensuring Your Entire Home Is Safe for Your Baby


Addressing All Areas of Your Home with Custom Babyproofing Services

As a parent, you only want the absolute best for your child. At Safe Baby, that’s our focus too! Therefore, our babyproofing services cover a wide range of areas in your home including:

  • Safety Gates
  • Hearth Gates
  • Cabinet Latches and Locks
  • TV and Furniture Straps
  • Door Locks and Door Stops
  • Window Blind Cords
  • Electrical Safety (outlet covers, plugins, box covers, power strip covers)
  • Bathroom Safety (toilet locks, cabinet latches, slip resistant bath mats, tub pads, spout covers)
  • Corner Cushions and Padding
  • Fire Safety (CO2 detectors, fire escape ladders)
  • And more

When you choose to partner with Safe Baby, we will work with you to identify problem areas in your home and come up with a secure babyproofing solution. Our custom approach to babyproofing means that your home and/or office solutions will be tailored directly to your needs as a family. While the team at Safe Baby will do everything in our power to ensure that your home offers a safe environment for your child, nothing can substitute the benefits of thorough parental supervision. For further information, read through the babyproofing checklist below to see if you’ve thought of and addressed each of these areas in your home.

Baby Proofing Check List

Babyproof Your Home or Business With Help From the Experts

Safe Baby is ready to take the babyproofing burden off of your shoulders and create a secure home or office for your child to explore. Contact us to learn more about getting started!

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