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Safe Baby Childproofing Services Provides Experienced Installation of Protect-A-Child swimming pool barrier fence protection

Many of the nearly 300 children under 5 who drown each year in backyard pools could be saved if homeowners completely fenced in pools and installed self-closing and self-latching devices on gates.

BEAUtiful Custom Baby Gate installation from Safe Baby

Some things just look like they’re meant to be…and we’d say this flawless match is the perfect example!

We love this custom solution for a wider bottom step to keep your little one off the stairs!

Whether your house is new or old, we customize our stairway gate installation to fit your specific needs.

It’s a hot and sunny day in Nashville and a pool fence installation is in progress! We’re gonna need all the measuring tapes…

Another seamless and successful installation!

Fire, sharp corners, and hard surfaces? Childproofing red flag!  Luckily our hearth gates preserve beauty while protecting baby

Our hearth gates protect your baby from the dangers that exist around a fireplace.

Thanks for the kind words Carolyn!

You can’t go wrong with a classic white gate. Simple, sturdy, and safe!

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Our child stairway safety gates provide a smooth and flawless transition from the steps to the banister. Simple and seamless, just the way we like it!

Keep razors, makeup, cleaners, and other bathroom essentials safely out of reach from your little one with the help of a magnet. That’s right! Our trusty magnetic latches work like a charm and are easy to turn on and off for your convenience.

What if you could hold the key to pool safety in your hands? Well now you can! Protect-a-Child’s self-closing and self-latching pool fence gate comes with a lock and key option for additional safety. Why not go the extra measure?

Another difficult wide stairway to install a baby gate on. Safe Baby has ways to keep baby safe.

Tennessee heat means cool downs in the pool are a necessity! Let us help you childproof your pool area today ??

“What gets measured gets done.” What an appropriate quote for last week’s pool fence installation in Bowling Green, Kentucky!

Why do we think Protect-a-Child has the best pool fences on the market?
•multiple style options
•reinforced mesh & borders
•SureSafe System™
•strong fiberglass posts
•removable in minutes
•installation experts (that’s us ?)

We work in the heat so you don’t have to.  Schedule your pool fence installation today!

Are you a Kentucky resident within a few hours of Nashville? Are you in need of a pool fence this summer? Call us today and find out if your home is within our travel range!

This stairway gate is a great solution for a tight, difficult space.

Safe Baby Childproofing Services is four legged friend approved!

Thanks for joining us for #nationalwatersafetymonth! We hope you learned something new and valuable through our weekly tips and we encourage you spread water safety awareness all summer long!    Read More…

Install four-sided isolation fencing equipped with self-closing and self-latching gates, that completely surrounds the pool. This water safety tip is not only highly effective, but also just so happens to be our specialty!

Consider signing up for a parent-child program that focuses on water games, swimming readiness-skills, and safety in and around the pool until your child is old enough for formal swimming lessons.

Multiple forms of precaution are advised for the safest possible environment.

Never allow a young child in a pool without an adult.

If a child is missing, always check the pool first.

After your pool time fun, always be sure to put toys away and out of sight of children.

Stay close and be alert. Never leave a child unattended in or around a pool.

Keeping a first aid kit, rescue equipment, and CPR instructions poolside will prevent you from losing lifesaving seconds

Supervision saves lives.

Begin with the basics. Education is key!

May is National Water Safety Month! We’re excited to spread awareness for this crucial campaign. Be sure to follow our social media pages where we will be sharing water safety tips and tricks all month long!

Safe Baby Childproofing Services protects your home from the inside out. We can install gates for your deck, patio or porch. You name it. We baby proof it!

Summer will be here before you know it! Create a safer backyard with a Protect-a-Child removable mesh pool fence. Contact our experts today!

Baby gates aren’t just for stairs! Fireplaces pose a dangerous threat to your little one. From the heat, to the hard surface, to the sharp corners…this is home feature is a must on our childproofing list!

Our Protect-a-Child pool fences never detract or distract from the beauty of your backyard. Blending in is what we do best!

National Water Safety Month is just two weeks away! Get ahead of the game today with a Protect-a-Child removable mesh pool fence.

Safeguard your stairs with a beautiful baby gate installed by Safe Baby Childproofing in Franklin, TN. Custom mounted with no holes in posts.

Simple, secure, and beautiful. This custom mounted baby gate installed by Safe Baby Childproofing in Nashville keeps your little ones off the stairs!

Another beautiful removable mesh pool fence installed by Safe Baby Childproofing in Nashville, TN courtesy of Protect-a-Child Pool Fence. Simply the best fence on the market.

The warmer weather has everyone itching for summer! Get your backyard ready today with a safe and stylish Protect-a-Child pool fence.

As a parent your hands and schedule are full. You don’t have time to mess with clumsy low quality safety contraptions. That’s where we come in. Quality childproofing is our specialty! So sit back, relax, and let us do the work for you.

Stairs are one of the most crucial features in need of childproofing. Is your little one in danger? Take a step in the right direction by calling Safe Baby Childproofing Services to set up a consultation in your home today!

It may be April Fool’s Day but safety is no joke! Contact one of our child safety experts today to set up an appointment!

Another baby gate and Lexan combo used on this beautiful staircase. Safe Baby Childproofing Services provides safety solutions that never detract from your unique home aesthetics.

A baby gate and lexan are used in this picture to provide protection for dangerous stairway and stair railing with a climbing feature. Another great install by Safe Baby Childproofing!

Beautiful outside child safety gate for deck leading to pool in Franklin, TN. Layers of protection are advised for pool safety. Other protective measures would include extra locks for all exterior doors and a pool fence which surrounds the entire pool.

Safe Baby Childproofing comes up with solutions for even the most difficult of situations, like this baby gate for a unique stairway in Gallatin, TN. No challenge is too hard!

Child safety expert Jonathan with Safe Baby Childproofing Services assembles a Protect-a-Child removable mesh pool fence with self closing gate in Nashville, TN. Call one of our experts today to get your pool ready for summer!

Our pool fences and gates can also be expertly installed into a wood deck or your lawn. Another awesome child safe pool fence from Protect-a-Child, installed by Safe Baby Childproofing Services!

Pool time fun is just around the corner! We offer superior quality removable mesh pool fencing in order to provide your children and family with a safe and secure swimming area. Contact Safe Baby Childproofing Services today for all your poolside needs!

Safe Baby Childproofing Services professionally installed this extra wide baby gate for this large opening to make a fun and safe child playroom. Create a safe zone so that the little ones can feel free to explore in their world.

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Beautifully protected fireplace with a Black Gate looks Amazing as if it were built with the home. Fully usable with gate to get the fire going.

This fireplace looks gorgeous and function-able while protecting the little ones. Clients love that it looks it was built with the fireplace.

Safe Baby Childproofing Services
Would like to wish you and your family Happy Holidays.
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Another beautiful gate install by Safe Baby in Belle Meade, TN. Perfect for protecting babies from getting to the Formal Dining Room and Foyer.

This KidCo gate looks amazing at the top of the stairs with the hardwood floors and the white spindles. This is in a lovely home in Nashville, Tennessee.

This Kidco white metal powdered coat gate at the top of the stairs looks very nice with the hardwood floors and the white spindles on the stair case. This lovely home is in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Make sure as you are using your pool this summer to keep your little ones protected. Completely surround your pool with a barrier that is 4 feet high with a self-Closing, Self-Latching Gate.

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