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Thank you so much for your time and help. People like you are rare to find! Great customer service,
Have a great week and again, thank you!


Buck, Thanks for a job well done and on time. So Many vendors only give lip service not real sales service. You are #1 in doing what you say when you say you’ll do it. Thanks so much for this.

Carol Mass   

Mr. Buck,
Thanks again for being so kind and helpful on the phone.
Here are a few pics of the Range. We need to baby proof the knobs.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Again, thank u!


I can't tell you how much peace of mind your baby proofing has given us. This is especially true now that my two-year-old has gotten in the habit of getting out of her bed at night. We don't panic when we hear her upstairs playing in her room at night because all of her furniture is attached to the wall and there are childproof lock mechanisms on her door to the hallway and the door to her bathroom. Plus, even if she could get out of her room, the baby gate would keep her from trying to go down the stairs. Without these precautions, we would be up there every few minutes at night trying to get her to get back in her bed. Thanks!

Keli Oliver   

I love Safe Baby Childproofing


Thank you Buck - I love the ease in operating the gates absolutely great!


We did not have a clear understanding of how many hazards existed in our home until Safe Baby came out to evaluate it. They identified lots of issues that never would have occurred to us. In addition, they had products and tools available to them that we had not seen. They were able to baby-proof some areas of our home that we had assumed could not be secured. We were also pleased with how nice everything looked when they were done. They didn’t even have to drill holes in our wooden stairway banisters. That was definitely an added bonus!

Teresa Broyles-Aplin